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When you need excellent floor covering, a shop-at-home service could be just what you need for outstanding results. You can avoid the crowded showroom while also having the option to browse an entire inventory at your leisure. It also gives you the chance to shop at any hour, so you will not be confined to showroom hours, which is perfect for anyone who works odd hours.

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The shop-at-home service is one of the most useful, especially for those who cannot leave their home during regular showroom hours or choose not to. You can browse every inventory selection and the additional products and services offer and still have access to our associates, should you need to speak with someone in person. You can get the perfect experience from this service, so be sure to check it out. There are many other flooring services available, but one of the most frequently utilized and most important is the flooring installation. Once you choose a perfect material for your preferences and requirements, we will discuss the installation options specific to your floor covering. Since each material has its own set of requirements and characteristics, each installation will be different. For instance, if you choose hardwood flooring, the first step is the acclimation process, which can take from one to three days before the install can begin. Once that is finished, measurements and cuts will be made, and the process is underway. It takes time to add the stain color, sealant, finish, and drying times vary, so be sure to get all the details from your technicians to know what to expect.



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We serve Truckee, Kings Beach, Tahoe City, and Lake Tahoe, CA. You are invited to contact us at your convenience to discuss options, consider your chosen samples, and even finalize your selection with in-home measurements, estimates, and more. So stop by today to discuss your flooring and flooring installation at your convenience.