Three unknown facts about hardwood

Hardwood is rich and elegant, but there are three benefits you may not know.

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Fact #1: Engineered hardwood flooring combines aesthetics and practicality

Everyone knows about solid, but the only difference between that and engineered is construction and it’s taking over a major portion of the wood flooring industry.

Rather than one slice through the plank, this one is layered. At the very top is a slab of genuine timber and underneath are at least three (but preferably more) layers of genuine wood combined with resins.

The layers are placed crosswise and that is what gives it stability and an increased ability to handle water.

Because of this, it can be installed in some higher-moisture areas where solid is not recommended.

This flooring is just as beautiful as solid and adds the same kind of value to your home. Both types of hardwood are easy to care for; your retailer can tell you more.

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Fact #2: Hardwood floors are easy to care for

Whether solid or engineered, just vacuum several times a week; please remove beater bars (rotating brushes) first, as they can scratch. Once in a while, you can polish, but please be sure it's completely wiped dry, so no liquid gets between the boards.

As with any flooring, you may want to employ some everyday guidelines for both types. Wipe spills immediately; strategically place floor mats at entrances and maybe in front of sinks; keep pet nails trimmed and use protective pads when moving furniture to avoid scratching.

Fact #3: Both types can be refinished

Solid can be sanded and refinished up to six times. With engineered, thickness does matter and, depending on its heaviness it can be refinished up to four times.