Should I have laminate or SPC Flooring in my home?

Both have the look and feel of wood. Both are close in price, being budget-friendly.

Ultimately, it's going to come down to your needs, goals, and challenges.

Just Floor it! is a 30-year-old family-owned company that offers one-stop-shopping. Our flooring inventory includes everything from hardwood, technologically advanced SPC, laminate, carpet, vinyl and more.

We also don’t subcontract the installation but, rather, we do it ourselves. Each provider is a fully certified master craftsman.

We also provide carpet repair, design service and more, not to mention you’ll get excellent customer service.

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How do they differ?

When you come into our flooring store, we’ll be happy to explain about SPC. Sometimes referred to as “rigid core vinyl,” SPC has a dense, waterproof core that won’t peel or ripple no matter how much water there is, or for how long. It’s a little stiffer and has a similar feeling as laminate. That composition makes each wood-look plank stable. Once used mainly in commercial installations--and we know what kind of punishment those floors take--we’re seeing it used frequently in residential installations, especially with the increased design options. Because it is so thick, SPC can be both more comfortable and quieter than some other hard surfaces that can echo, squeak or sound hollow.

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While highly water-resistant, laminate is not waterproof because it's made from wood byproducts.

It, too, is layered, with the top one being a clear wear sheet coated with ultra-tough aluminum oxide to protect the flooring.

It has exceptional durability and is often recommended for homes with kids and pets.

Some laminate comes with a pre-attached underlayment for extra cushioning. While it's not necessary, or recommended, to add one, ask the retailer is this is the right one for your flooring needs. You can always remove the pre-attached underlayment and add your own.

How are they alike?

Both in a wide range of colors and patterns and both mimic hardwood, tile or stone. They are highly stylish and come with features like embossing to add texturing.