Maintaining hardwood floors: a lot easier than you might think

Maintaining hardwood floors: a lot easier than you might think

They?re luxurious and elegant, but that doesn?t mean wood flooring is high maintenance. With some simple care, you?ll always have a gorgeous wood floor that?ll wow visitors to your home. Here are some tips on caring for them from your area hardwood flooring company, but, as always, don't hesitate to contact us if you have questions.

Routine maintenance

Here's all it takes: Dry mop once a day, vacuum once a week without beater bars (metal agitator bars), and clean periodically with a mop dampened with wood soap. When you start to think, the floors look worn, dull, or excessively scratched (about every six years), call for a refinishing.

Dry mopping every day may seem like too much, but sand and dirt are sharp and scratch. Also, dust forms quickly and can settle between the grain and the boards. Likewise, animal shedding! Coping with water issues

Wood floors also move around, expanding with humidity and shrinking with dry air. When solid hardwood flooring experiences excess moisture warping, cupping and crowning will happen.

Diligence should be started during the installation process when moisture readings are taken but, once in place, spills should be wiped immediately with mats placed strategically at entrances so people can wipe their feet. When you clear or polish the floors, be sure to wipe the floors to ensure no liquid seeps between the seams.

As a note, if you do have water issues, you can always consider engineered hardwood flooring. The only difference is construction, which makes engineered more stable and better able to handle water.

Preventing scratches

This is one of the most common but easily handled challenges for wood floors. It's always a good idea to use furniture pads on the "feet" of tables, chairs, and sofas, especially when moving them. In addition, keep pet nails trimmed, avoid wearing stilettos and think of using mats or area rugs on floors that have high traffic areas.

We have a wide selection of both solid and engineered hardwood flooring. In addition, we have an in-house team of installers who will give you a quality, craftsman-like floor. So come into our showroom in Pittsburg, CA, serving Contra Costa County, Alameda County to learn more and get a free quote.